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There’s no place like home – Top 5 benefits of Metelec’s new premises

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We’ve been settled in our new building since the turn of the year and it’s really starting to feel like home.

The move to our new 47,973 sq ft office and distribution centre at Hilton Cross Business Park in Wolverhampton is a significant milestone for us as a business as we look to take the next step in our growth and brand evolution.

There are many benefits for both customers and colleagues. Here are the top five:

Close to the M54

Our new home couldn’t be closer to junction one of the M54, making receiving and sending goods much easier.

Gone are the days of battling through traffic to get onto the M6. We can now be on the road in minutes, providing time and cost efficiencies for our customers.

We also have dock levelling facilities, allowing us to accept containerised supplies for the first time, producing lead time reductions.


Environmental sustainability is very important to us. It’s not something we just pay lip service to.

Our new building has an EPC A-rating, meaning it is significantly more energy efficient.

We also have a sophisticated energy management system as well as EV charging points for colleagues and visitors.

Looking ahead, we’re planning on adding PV panels to the roof to generate our own energy and will continue to investigate new methods to reduce energy consumption.

We are in a leading position regarding product sustainability. The primary copper sourced via our Group’s vertically integrated supply chain has its lowest embedded carbon content independently verified and is 100% recycled.

More space

We are proud to be one of the largest copper stockholders in the UK. Our new premises is almost 50,000 sq ft, giving us plenty of room to maintain our stock levels and ensure industry-leading availability for our customers.

We also have the space for new machinery that will be needed for future manufacturing.

Better facilities for colleagues

We want Metelec to be a premier place to work. Our colleagues are visibly happier in their new surroundings. They have always been proud to wear the Metelec badge but they are definitely rejuvenated.

We have installed new toilets and washroom facilities for our colleagues and we have a large, multi-purpose open space that can be used for both social and business events.

Improved surroundings can have a huge impact on the overall morale of the team.

Laying the foundations for growth

We’ve consolidated our position as a £30m+ business and now we’re ready to go to the next level to meet the needs of our customers.

We see huge potential for growth by focusing on key areas such as data management and electrification.

Our new, modern facilities ensure we are futureproofed and ready to succeed in the years to come.


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