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Copper Square Bar

We stock copper square bars in both standard and non-standard sizes. We work with a wide range of engineers across many industries, providing copper solutions to meet bespoke needs.

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Copper Square Bar

Metelec stocks copper square bars in both standard and non-standard sizes.

In the rail industry, copper square bars are used for electrical conduction purposes. Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, and it is essential for ensuring that electrical signals are transmitted effectively throughout the rail network.

Copper bars are typically used to make electrical connections between different components of the railway infrastructure, such as tracks, signalling systems, and power systems. These connections help to ensure that electricity can flow freely and without interruption throughout the rail network.

Copper bars can also be used in overhead electrification systems, which are used to power trains via an overhead wire. The copper bars help to transmit the electrical current from the overhead wire to the train’s power system, enabling the train to move.

Alongside rail, Metelec works with engineers supplying copper square bars across a wide range of industries. One of our customers uses square bars for the manufacture of copper hammers, used for working in flammable environments because they don’t spark. Another customer uses square bars for spacers, packing out gaps in control panels and switch gears.

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