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Flexible Busbar Connectors

Our full range of flexible busbar connectors offers the best alternative to cable. All connectors are supplied in bare form or can be offered insulated with heat shrink.

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Flexible Busbar Connectors

Metelec’s flexible busbar connectors provide a flexible and efficient connection between two busbars. Our flexible busbar connectors are designed to be used in situations where there is a need for flexibility or movement between two busbars. Our connectors are resistant to corrosion and have excellent mechanical properties.

The flexible busbar connectors can be available in a range of braided forms to provide optimum flexibility between end connector plates. The braided sections can be insulated to provide conductivity and heat protection where the design requires this.

The flexible design of the connector allows it to compensate for any misalignment or movement between the busbars, ensuring a consistent and reliable electrical connection.

Flexible busbar connectors are commonly used in power distribution systems, such as in electrical panels or switchgear, where there is a need for a flexible and reliable connection between two busbars. They are also used in applications where there is a need for vibration resistance or where the temperature may fluctuate, such as in industrial machinery or equipment.

Key benefits of Metelec’s flexible busbars include:

  • No cutting
  • No crimping
  • Highly flexible
  • Pre-punched
  • Ready to use
  • Quick and easy to install

Each connector is supplied in its bare form or can be offered insulated with heat shrink. Our connectors are also available as tinned.

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