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Copper Busbars and Copper Flat Bar

Metelec has the best availability and the widest stock range of busbars in the UK. Our unrivalled availability gives customers the reassurance that we can deliver the exact power rating needed for their bespoke projects.

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Copper Busbars and Copper Flat Bar

Metelec’s copper busbars and copper flat bars are extruded at our parent company’s production facilities. Our bars are firstly hot extruded into a rectangle which then goes through cold drawing process that delivers the precise final dimension and hardness. The controlled cold reduction provides the required rigidity for final application.

Copper busbars are highly conductive and are used in applications that require a high level of electrical conductivity, such as in power distribution systems, switchgear, and electrical substations. They are also used in electrical panels and circuit breaker boxes, where they help to connect and distribute electrical power to various circuits.

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