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Aluminium Busbars

Aluminium busbars can be a cost-effective alternative to copper, if suitable for your project. We can source on your behalf and we are able to manufacture bespoke products faster and more efficiently than our competitors.

Our sales team can support you through the buying process, providing industry leading advice every step of the way.

Available Calculators

Sheet & Bar Weights Calculator - Aluminium Only

Sheet & Bar Weights

Rod Weights Calculator - Aluminium Only

Rod Weights

Aluminium Busbars and Aluminium Electrical Grade

We offer a wide range of aluminium in various shapes and sizes including rectangular, round and flat bars.

Aluminium busbars are a popular and cost-effective solution for distributing and transmitting electrical power in various industrial and commercial applications, including power distribution systems, electrical panels and switchgear.

Alongside standard products, bespoke solutions for dedicated applications within the scope of our manufacturing range can often be made on short lead times.

The high-purity form aluminium electrical grade is a popular choice for a wide range of electrical applications. It has excellent thermal conductivity, which is important in applications where heat dissipation is a concern. Aluminium electrical grade is typically used in power transmission lines, electrical wiring and electrical equipment such as motors and generators, amongst other applications.