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Copper Nickel Silicon

Our Copper Nickel Silicon is specially developed to provide a unique blend of mechanical and physical properties for high-performance engineering.

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Copper Nickel Silicon

This material is a precipitation-hardened, multipurpose alloy exhibiting high strength characteristics, together with excellent wear properties. The superb strength characteristics are derived from a finely dispersed precipitate of Ni2Si developed from a closely controlled manufacturing process. It offers excellent strength combined with excellent wear and corrosion resistance and very good electrical and thermal performance.

Principle Attributes

  • Ultra-high strength
  • High electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Excellent wear and galling resistance
  • Extremely low magnetic permeability
  • Excellent general corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding bearing properties
  • Spark resistant
  • Good machinability and dimensional stability
  • Outstanding low-temperature mechanical properties

Offshore and Marine Applications

Borehole tools, shear pins, hydraulic valve bodies, pump components and ball valves, mechanical seals, and components requiring high cryogenic properties, spark resistance and low magnetic permeability.

General Applications

Non-magnetic tooling, plastic mould tooling, friction pads and fibre optic connectors.

Electrical Applications

Current-carrying electrical components such as slip rings, squirrel cages, springs, rotary switch contacts, contact blades, short-circuit rings and heavy-duty switchgear.


Valve guides, bushes and valve seats.