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Collaboration celebrated during UK visit

Gindre Duchavany visit

Plans for future growth and business success were discussed as leaders of Metelec’s parent company visited the UK.

Metelec is proud to be part of the Gindre Duchavany group, the largest manufacturer of copper extruded bars in Europe.

Gindre Duchavany CEO Philippe Michel and Group Distribution Director Joseph Riviere visited Metelec’s new 47,973 sq ft office and distribution centre in Wolverhampton recently to develop strategies ahead of what promises to be an extremely busy period for copper manufacturing and distribution.

Philippe said: “Metelec is a very important part of the Gindre Duchavany group. It’s fantastic to visit the new business headquarters and to see the wonderful facilities now that it has come to life and is operational.

“Metelec has huge potential and has a strong management team in place. Working together, we are focussed on improving the business still further and servicing the customers, who will always be key to our plans as we seek to provide an answer to the energy challenges of tomorrow”.

Metelec enjoyed a record-breaking 2023 and is expecting further growth in the years to come due to electrification and the subsequent surge in demand for copper, particularly around electric charging infrastructure and data management.

Joseph said Metelec was a vital part of the overall Gindre Duchavany operation, which has a turnover of circa €400 million.

“Metelec is one of the largest subsidiaries of the group,” he said. “The business manufactures at a large scale and is very important for distribution in the UK and Ireland. Along with North America, UK and Ireland are our strongest markets currently.

“It’s all about collaboration. Our subsidiaries used to operate very independently but vertical integration is a real asset for us now and has brought significant benefits.

“We are determined to keep working with Metelec to make the most of the opportunities available within the industry.”

Kevin Draper, Managing Director of Metelec, said he was delighted to welcome the Gindre Duchavany directors to the West Midlands.

“It was a pleasure to show Philippe and Joseph around our new facility now that we are settled and operational,” he said.

“Our partnership with Gindre Duchavany is extremely strong and we value the continuous support we receive from the group. There are exciting times ahead.”