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Visit celebrates success of Ireland partnership

Steve Dove, Nigel Evans, John Flattery & Kevin Draper at Metelec Head Office

Metelec welcomed Ireland business partner John Flattery to its new headquarters to celebrate the success of the collaboration – and to push forward plans for future growth.

Metelec signed a warehouse agreement with ARO Logistics in April last year, doubling capacity in Ireland.

It has drastically improved the capabilities of the copper specialist in the Emerald Isle and means customers can access products much more easily and quickly.

John, Chief Commercial Officer at ARO Logistics, visited Metelec’s new 47,973 sq ft office and distribution centre in Wolverhampton recently.

“We have been distributing Metelec products across Ireland for almost a year – and the partnership has gone from strength to strength,” said John.

“It’s been very enjoyable and rewarding. The future is bright.

“We are very proud to be associated with Metelec, which has quality product and quality people.

“The world needs more businesses like Metelec which supports industry, encourages people to make things and boosts the economy.”

ARO Logistics installed new racking, retrained staff and improved security at its 35,000 sq ft warehouse in Tullamore, County Offaly, to ensure it was ready to distribute industry leading copper products on behalf of Metelec.

Talking of Metelec’s new Wolverhampton facility, John said: “It’s an outstanding building offering real benefits to colleagues and customers.”

John revealed plans for ARO Logistics to launch a further facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland, later in the year, with potential to further expand Metelec’s capabilities.

“Northern Ireland has a rich history of engineering and manufacturing,” said John. “There is a rich talent pool and the Belfast facility will further enhance Metelec’s offering.”

Metelec Managing Director Kevin Draper said: “ARO Logistics has proved to be a first-class partnership, allowing us to significantly increase our business in Ireland.

“These are exciting times for Metelec as we take the next step in our evolution.”