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2023 – a year like no other for Metelec

Kevin Draper Managing Director of Metelec

An eye-catching new brand, an increase in the volume of business and a move to a high tech and innovative facility – 2023 has been an incredible year for Metelec, writes Managing Director Kevin Draper.

Twelve months ago the senior management team set out a plan to take the business to the next level – and I’m pleased to say, as the sun sets on the year, we have achieved our goals.

In doing so, we have laid the foundations for significant growth and improvements in the years to come.

Perhaps the most significant change for us was our re-brand. Our old branding was 20 years old, dating back almost to the formation of the company. Though it was once considered cutting edge, it was certainly showing its age!

A business’ branding is not the be all and end all – Amazon and Google are proof of that – but we were determined to portray a more professional image in the marketplace. We were already a very successful business, but the new branding is a visual representation of our efforts to drive higher standards.

We are in the process of repositioning ourselves as a supply chain provider of choice rather than simply being a traditional stockholder. We’re getting closer to customers by bringing an integrated approach to the industry.

It’s early days, but the new branding has given us an additional layer of confidence. I can really see an immediate difference in both the attitude of our people and the way we are seen as an organisation.

It’s taken a lot of work to get it over the line, but I’m delighted that the re-branding exercise is complete.

Other highlights of 2023 have included my keynote speech at Metals Expo where I discussed the green energy transition and the subsequent heightened demand for copper. This was further evidence that Metelec is taking its seat at the main table – our once small stockholder is now well positioned together with industry leaders.

We also lifted and shifted our Ireland base to give us a new facility in Tullamore, doubling our capacity and improving our capabilities.

Overall business has increased as well. We’ve consolidated our position as a £30m+ business and now we’re ready to go to the next level. The economic environment has been flat but we’ve benefitted from key growth areas, data management expansion and wide scale electrification. The electric vehicle charging market is also growing and we’re expanding with it.

Then, to round the year off, we completed a move to state-of-the-art facilities in Wolverhampton. The new 47,973 sq ft office and distribution centre will offer significant benefits to both customers and employees and everyone is really excited that the transition has been completed.

When it comes to Midlands manufacturing, this is now a premier place to work and our people are proud to wear the Metelec shirt.

2024 will pose challenges but we are in an excellent position and we can’t wait to get going.

Onwards and upwards!